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More Information on Executive Coaching
Executive Leadership Coaching 
for Current Executives

CEO's and or senior managers are no different from athletes. They need an objective coach who can help them go beyond their current level of performance to address weaknesses, gain new agility, or inspire those whom they seek to lead, motivate, educate, and develop to their next level of potential.

We provide an assessment of each coaching candidate to determine-along with the candidate and his or her Board, team or superiors-the challenges, what's at stake, possible obstacles, the desired results, and recommendations for achieving those results.

Coaching can be provided in a
combination of ways:

  • A regularly scheduled basis
  • On site for intensive, focused development applied to
    in-the-field situations
  • On the phone for on-the-spot, just-in-time situations
  • Via email when a written venue would provide structure
  • One-on-one
  • In the company of one or more other team players when
    the client's performance outcome is being affected by others

Executive Launch Coaching
for New or Promoted Executives

When a company has just hired or promoted someone to a high position, that single change ripples throughout the company. We offer a targeted, hit-the-ground running, Executive Launch Coaching service designed to address both the needs of the new executive and the needs of his or her senior team. Depending upon the circumstances, (how new the executive is to the company or the industry, or other factors affecting the hire or promotion) the coaching is available as a three, six, or nine month plan depending upon the assessment recommendations.

The Executive:  Receives a no-nonsense assessment which enables him or her to identify expectations, concerns, visions, strengths, and weaknesses that they bring to the job. Working with a coach, the executive has the opportunity to identify how he or she plans to communicate effectively in the new position.  

Clients are asked how they will deal with:

  • Articulating their vision so that employees can put it into action

  • Conflicts and differences of opinion

  • The unexpected

  • Communicating amidst market uncertainties

  • Conveying appreciation and recognition

  • Providing timely feedback to the
    senior team in the first 60 days

  • Expectations of the staff, peers, strategic
    partners, the Board (if there is one), 
    other key stakeholders, and the community.

THE TEAM:  Receives Targeted New Skills To Work Better With the Executive

The Team receives an assessment of its ability to effectively communicate its ideas, needs, concerns, upsets, and feedback to the executive. 

The team will also be taught a set of executive communication skills that will enable them to address opportunities and concerns in a more timely and productive way with one another and with the new executive. 

The senior team no longer wastes time waiting for direction, or hoping that the problem will be addressed, or waiting to be asked for ideas, or wondering how to get something done. 

In the early sessions, the coach/coaches facilitate between the executive and the team, helping both get their messages across in ways that save time and money, save aggravation, and minimize misunderstandings. They'll learn to handle their needs in a timely way and mine conflict for the gold that lies underneath it.  

Over time, the team and the executive will apply what they've learned to move forward under their own steam.

Result: Revenue Growth

"Our personal coaching sessions have helped me be a better leader in that I am more aware of the needs of  our clients and my colleagues, I feel more confident communicating with those around me and now have a greater ability to formulate and visualize our strategy. 

Thank you for your contributions to Gibraltar Bank's success."


Steven Hayworth

Chairman, President and CEO - Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust 

 Lenox Hotel - Boston - Massachusetts
Result: Better Decisions

"Your coaching has made a real contribution to advancing us toward our goal of consistent Four Star Hotel service. Immediately after a coaching with you we can walk right out the door and take action, which often produces extraordinary results. Having you as a coach makes running a company, not only more profitable but more rewarding, for me and for the people I am leading."            

Jeffrey Saunders
President - Lenox and Copley Square Hotels 



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